Bluetooth RTLS location Base VF-BL100

VF-BL100 is a Bluetooth RTLS locator based on 2.4G frequency RF wave receiver device. It’s a part of Bluetooth AOA technology system. The system can track all device with Bluetooth signals under range of Bluetooth AOA locator.

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Product Model VF-BL100
Characteristic parameter
Frequency range 2.4G
Throughput capacity 400-500packet/second
Signal transmit method Two way transmission
Channel amount 81 channel( one work only at the same time)
Channel frequency 2401 2402…2480 481Mhz
Adjust mode GFSK
Maxim output power 2.5mW
Antenna parameter -6dbm decay integrated antenna
Power supply Maxim 2W, 48V POE or 12V direct current (electricity)
Work temperature 0-60
Storage temperature -10-70
Unit dimension Diameter 202mm, height 40mm
Weight 500g
Function features
Detect range 20-50cm
Frequency Standard Bluetooth + special 2.4G
Single locator detect 100 tags
AOA Locator design Omni directional array antenna
Low power consumption Reduce the power to be low with Bluetooth technology with Low power algorithm
High accuracy Use AOA technology to refer with several locators data.
High compatibility Use Bluetooth signals to track all devices with Bluetooth feature (like mobile, wristband, attendance card etc)
Low conflict Use the outermost channel of 2.4G, avoid the conflict of other Bluetooth or WIFI to make sure the quality of locations.

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