Name:VD-69 UHF RFID Desktop reader

  • VD-69 UHF RFID Desktop reader
  • VD-69 UHF RFID Desktop reader
  • VD-69 UHF RFID Desktop reader
  • VD-69 UHF RFID Desktop reader
  • VD-69 UHF RFID Desktop reader
Product features

1. The appearance adopts aluminum alloy frame, which is sturdy and durable, beautiful and exquisite;

2. Support electronic tags that comply with EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C/ ISO 18000-6B standards;

3. Working frequency 865~868MHZ, 902~928MHZ (can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions);

4. The output power is adjustable, and the distance can be controlled between 0mm~500mm and set arbitrarily;

5. Support multiple working modes such as active mode, command mode, and trigger mode;

6. Read card buzzer and LED status indication; support online firmware upgrade through communication interface;

7. Equipped with I/O input and output interfaces to facilitate the linkage of photoelectric sensors and laser navigation radar signal input;

8. The normal version supports RS232 serial port, RJ45;

9. Suitable for large-scale unmanned retail, jewelry inventory, student status and other systems have been widely used;

Specifications Product details

Product model



RF core chip


Air interface protocol

EPC Global UHF class1 Gen2/ISO 18000-6C/ISO 18000-6B

Frequency range

902~928MHz or 865~868MHz

RF output power


Maximumreceiving sensitivity

-75 dbm; Maximum return loss: 10 dbm

Reading distance

0~500mm(related to reader parameter configuration, antenna gain, tag type)

Writing distance

0~300mm (related to reader parameter configuration, antenna gain, tag type)

Supported regions

The United States, Canada and other regions that comply with the U.S. FCC Part 15 regulations,Europe and other regions complying with ETSI EN 302 308 specifications

China, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan

Frequency modulation method

Broad spectrum frequency modulation (FHSS) or fixed frequency, can be set by software

Number of antennas

Built-in -0dbi near field antenna

Communication interface


Communication rate

Serial communication rate 9600~115200bps, RJ45 communication rate 10/100Mbps

Working status display mode

LED indicator, buzzer


GPIO 2 inputs, 2 outputs

Firmware upgrade

Scalable upgrade mechanism or WIFI upgrade

Application software interface

Provide API development kit and C and Java application routines

Mechanical and electrical properties


400Length)*520(width)*26.5 height)mm


Equipped with 220V AC input, +12V/3A DC output power converter

Packed weight



5%~95%, non-condensing

Degree of protection


Working temperature


Storage temperature


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