Name:Intelligent inventory vehicle VS-M1002

VS-M1002 intelligent inventory terminal equipment works in the frequency band of 920MHz~925MHz, and is connected to the library ILS/LMS through SIP2 or NCIP protocol, assisting library staff to complete the collection of library data, book inventory, shelf arrangement and book search It is a kind of self-service equipment to help the library improve the work efficiency of library staff and reduce labor intensity under the condition of limited human resources. Its appearance is elegant and generous, the running performance is reliable, the operation interface is simple, and the system is easy to upgrade. It is a high-performance, easy-to-operate, self-service network self-service loan and return device. Comply with ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2) protocol, support DHCP and many other network protocols, suitable for intensive reading mode, optional barcode scanner, high frequency reader, handheld antenna and other types of readers, with high performance Industrial control host and touch screen.
  • Intelligent inventory vehicle VS-M1002
Product features

01. Support the internationally popular ISO18000-6C air interface protocol standard;

02. Self-service operation to provide readers with personalized services;

03. Integrated design reduces equipment redundancy;

04. Super multi-tag read and write performance, improve the efficiency of borrowing and returning books;

05. With EPC tag matching and repeated tag filtering functions;

06. Intensive reading mode;

07. Windows 7 operating system;

08. Can work independently without the network;

09. Support software and hardware upgrades.

Specifications Product details
working frequency
RF protocol standard
920~925MHz MHZ or 13.56MHz
Display screen
15 inch capacitive touch screen
Reader output power
≥30DB (adjustable)
Charging voltage
AC200V~240V, 50Hz~60Hz
Whole machine charging time
More than 7 hours (full load working state of the whole machine
Whole machine life time
More than 7 hours (full load working state of the whole machine)
Maximum charging power consumption
Read success rate
The success rate of one reading is 90%, and the success rate of two readings is 100
Comply with IEEE 802.11g standard
operating system
Windows 7
Standard function
Full protocol reader
Optional function
Face recognition camera, desktop sensing area, etc.
543mm×638mm×1372mm (length×width×height)
Operating temperature
storage temperature
environment humidity

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