Name:24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC

The VB-25BC case is mainly used for book reservation, self-borrowing, self-return, self-renewal and borrowing query, etc. Users can use one or all of the functions through software settings according to different needs. The pre-lending bookcase is simple and elegant in appearance, stable in quality, reliable in performance, face recognition, 1D/2D scanning, ID card, reader card and other electronic access and use, which greatly facilitates the borrowing and use of readers. The device supports network port communication, and can expand multiple communication methods such as Wi-Fi and 4G. Users can also combine the back-end management software for secondary development to realize functions such as automatic deduction of overdue fees and management of lost library cards.
  • 24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC
  • 24-hour Book Reserve Case VB-25BC
Product features

01. Document identification: It can effectively identify HF library cards, UHF library cards, second-generation ID cards and barcode library cards authorized to be used by the library;

02. Book borrowing and returning: You can complete self-service borrowing, returning and renewing books in accordance with the library management process;

03. Borrowing query: You can query the status of borrowed books, the maximum amount of books that can be borrowed, and the books that should be returned;

04. Book appointment to pick up: You can make an appointment on the book website (or other client), and make an appointment offline to the nearest bookcase to pick up the book;

05. Data interaction: Data interaction with library book management system can be realized through the network;

06. Touch screen: The book can be borrowed, returned, and renewed through the touch screen.

Specifications Product details
Model #
Performance Index
Working Frequency
902MHz~928MHz (default), can be set (840-960MHz)
Communication Interface
RJ45; RS232 (Wi-Fi/4G optional)
Equipment materials
Carbon steel plate material
Body-pearl white, frame-blue
Cabinet door
Main: 3 cabinet doors, Vice: 28 cabinet doors
Operating temperature
Operating Voltage
Total power
24-hour advance loan
21.5 inch capacitive touch screen
Installation method
Free slotting
Book inventory
One auxiliary cabinet can hold 28 books, one main cabinet is recommended to be equipped with 1 or 2 auxiliary cabinets, up to 4 auxiliary cabinets
Main: 500*443*2054MM, Vice: 780*340*2027MM (length*width*height)
Weight: ≥90kg (main cabinet, auxiliary cabinet) with wooden box packaging

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