Name:UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-A520T

VC-A520T is an industrial-grade RFID transmission inventory scanning channel. It uses radio frequency identification technology as the core, combined with mechanical design, multiple sensors, electromagnetic shielding, automatic control and other technologies to solve the problem of label leakage in the supply chain circulation of products. Reading, string reading and other issues meet the rapid and accurate application requirements of enterprise product circulation. At the same time, the scanning channel and the warehouse management system completely overcome the shortcomings of bar code management, realize true item-level management, save labor costs, and greatly increase work productivity. The main market is used in item-level item identification, such as warehouse entry and exit management, item-level label and box label comparison, product inventory in clothing, leather luggage, wine, power and other industries. It is suitable for warehouse entry and exit or production lines.
  • UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-A520T
  • UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-A520T
  • UHF RFID inventory conveyor VC-A520T
Product features

01. The detection and identification efficiency is high, and the passing time of a single box product is within 4 seconds, and it can quickly identify more than 200 products in batches;

02. Professional motion control and mechanical design technology can fully solve the problem of label missed reading;

03. Strict electromagnetic shielding measures can eliminate the harm of radio frequency radiation to the human body, and the accuracy of label reading can reach 100%;

04. The industrial computer software can control the functions of the whole machine and monitor the running status of all equipment. The external mechanical buttons are also equipped to facilitate the operator to control the working status of the equipment at any time;

05. There are overhaul doors on both sides of the passage to facilitate equipment maintenance;

06. Independent research and development of RFID readers, while supporting the expansion of sorting modules, to meet the needs of different users, and support customers in the secondary development of application software.

Specifications Product details
Model number
Air interface protocol

ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1G2 、 ISO 18000-6B、


working frequency
ETSI 865~868MHz, GB 840~845MHz,920~925MHz, FCC 902~928MHz
RFID frequency mode
Fixed frequency/frequency hopping, 10 frequency hopping points
Reader output power
Transmission speed
Up to 40m/min
Transmission load
Up to 80KG
Number of read and write tags
400 labels per box
Operating mode
Interval T cycle/continuous work/external trigge
Touch screen specifications
10.1 inch resistive touch (embedded)
Touch screen specifications
I5 processor, 4GB storage, 120GB, SSD, Win7 operating system
Conveyor body
Three-stage independent power control
Electric control
Delta PLC, equipped with closed-loop stepper motor
weight capacity
Adjustable line speed
Whether the line body is positive or negative
Conveyor can be forward and reverse
Physical environment indicators
Overall size (mm)
Front/rear conveying line (mm)
958.5 (length) × 1000 (width) × 749.5 (height)
Through the largest box (mm)
850 (length) × 750 (width) × 700 (height)
Weighing module
Sorting module
Optional, expandable
Total Weight
About 700KG
Operating temperature
-20℃– 60℃
storage temperature
Working humidity
20 – 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Voltage
Power consumption
Generally 1200W, the maximum power consumption is 1800W (the device is fully open + the maximum power of the conveyor)
Shell material
Sheet metal spray (industrial gray)
Overall shielding performance

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RFID management scheme of power equipment



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