Name:Smart filing cabinet VA-BFT

Smart filing cabinets can be used in places where documents and data need to be stored and document circulation is required, such as commercial buildings, group companies, corporate units, and national archives. File borrowing, returning and other operations in other scenarios. Adopt high-frequency RFID radio frequency technology to realize fast and accurate management with RFID tags.
  • Smart filing cabinet VA-BFT
  • Smart filing cabinet VA-BFT
  • Smart filing cabinet VA-BFT
Product features

01. Comply with the agreement standard ISO15693, ISO18000-3 agreement;

02. Simple appearance, stable quality, reliable performance, support firmware upgrade, fast inventory;

03. Optional face recognition, one-dimensional code scanning, ID card, reader card and other electronic access to use, greatly facilitate readers to borrow and return;

04. The device supports network port communication, and can expand multiple communication methods such as WiFi and 4G.

Specifications Product details
Product model (order code)
Performance Parameter
Working frequency
13.56MHz (default), support ISO15693 international standard protocol, support reading and writing of various 15693 protocol electronic tags such as TI and NXP
Inventory speed
Whole cabinet inventory <10 seconds
Communication Interface
RJ45; RS232 (WiFi/4G optional)
Number of cells
5 layers, 16 cells/layer
Body-Pearl White
Equipment materials
Carbon steel plate material; tempered glass surface material
Operating temperature
Operating Voltage
Total power
Support 24-hour online inventory, real-time display of file receiving and return status; realize file borrowing, returning, inventory, positioning and other functions
14 inch capacitive touch screen
Installation method
Free slotting

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Library management solutions


RFID management scheme of power equipment

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