Name:RFID power safety equipment management cabinet VSET-TC02

UHF RFID tool and equipment integrated management cabinet is mainly used for the management of tools and equipment, identification cards, etc. The tool is uniquely identified through passive RFID tags. When the tool is used or returned, the authority is managed by password, card swiping, fingerprint, facial AI recognition, etc., and the door is opened, and the person responsible for use is recorded. After the door is closed, the cabinet will automatically Inventory, record the number and types of tools used. UHF RFID tools and equipment integrated management cabinet, in line with ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2) protocol, simple and beautiful appearance, stable quality, reliable performance, integrated 21.5-inch capacitive touch screen, convenient interactive operation, support constant temperature dehumidification function, cabinet support RFID Muti-tag reading and data transmission through the network port. It is a dedicated RFID intelligent management cabinet for high-performance, easy-to-operate tools, identification plates and other scenarios.
  • RFID power safety equipment management cabinet  VSET-TC02
  • RFID power safety equipment management cabinet  VSET-TC02
Product features

01.  Equipped with RFID automatic identification, which can record the details of the items in the cabinet in real time;

02.  Built-in dehumidifier, which can maintain a good storage environment in the cabinet at constant temperature and humidity;

03.  Equipped with alarm lights, alarm reminders for illegal use;

04.  Equipped with an emergency unlocking device, the emergency key unlocks in the case of power failure or failure;

05.  The high-definition surveillance camera can record the status of the cabinet in real time, which is convenient for traceability and recording;

06.  A variety of cabinet layout configurations, 4-8 layers of laminates can be configured according to the items (default 4 layers); identification plate management can be equipped with partitions, 25 grids per layer;

07.  21.5-inch high-definition touch screen, sensitive touch, convenient operation, elegant appearance;

08.  Equipped with a central control password fingerprint all-in-one machine, which supports card swiping function, or face AI recognition.

Specifications Product details
Model No.
Performance Index
Cabinet capacity
≥100 pcs ( metal equipment need put tidy)
RF output
5~32dBm adjustable

ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1G2 ,  ISO 18000-6B;

option to support GB/T29768-2013

Power supply
Ethernet interface
10M/100M Ethernet interface ( 4G communication optional)
Temperature and humidity control
adjustable, real-time meter display
Surface treatment
Sheet metal powder spraying
Shielding performance
Unit Dimension
1100 mm(W)×600mm(L)×2000mm(H) (With casters)
Work frequency
Power consumption

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Library management solutions


RFID management scheme of power equipment

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