Name:RFID power safety equipment management cabinet VE-TC01

UHF RFID power safety tools and equipment management cabinets are mainly used for the management of power receptacles, measuring instruments, safety helmets and protective gloves. The tools are uniquely identified through passive RFID tags. When the tools are used or returned, the authority is managed through the APP software and the door is opened, and the person responsible for the use is recorded. After the door is closed, the cabinet realizes automatic inventory, and records the quantity and type of the tools used . UHF tool management cabinet, in line with ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2) protocol, simple and beautiful appearance, stable quality, reliable performance, support for multi-tag reading, use network port or 4G for data transmission, is a high-performance, operating Convenient power dedicated RFID intelligent management cabinet.
  • RFID power safety equipment management cabinet  VE-TC01
  • RFID power safety equipment management cabinet  VE-TC01
Product features

01. Special RFID cabinet for electric power, which can place electric items such as safety helmets, festival sticks, and insulating boots;

02. Built-in dehumidifier, which can maintain a good storage environment in the cabinet at constant temperature and humidity;

03. Equipped with RFID automatic identification, which can record the details of the items in the cabinet in real time;

04. Wooden laminate, can adjust the cabinet space conveniently according to the article rules.

Specifications Product details
Model No.
Performance Index
Cabinet capacity
Performance Index Cabinet capacity≤50pcs  ( metal equipment need put tidy)
RF output
5~30dBm adjustable
Power supply
Ethernet interface
10M/100M Ethernet interface ( 4G communication optional)
Temperature and humidity control
adjustable, real-time meter display
Surface treatment
Sheet metal powder spraying
Shielding performance
Unit Dimension
820 mm(W)×616mm(L)×1995mm(H)
Work frequency
Power consumption

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Library management solutions


RFID management scheme of power equipment

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