Name:VT-R51UHF RFID Anti Metal Tag

dimensions: 30 x 30 x 6 mm

Operating frequency: 865-928MHz

agreement: ISO18000-6C(EPC Class 1 Gen 2)

chip: Monza4QT

Memory Capacity: (EPC:128bit;; User 512bit; TID 96bit)

  • VT-R51UHF RFID Anti Metal Tag
Product features

1. It is suitable for European frequency and American frequency, and uses high-performance Impinj-Monza-4QT chip to achieve the best reading effect.

2. Ultra-high reading rate and high tag identification sensitivity in specific directions.

3. Application occasions: supply chain management, warehousing logistics, luggage and mail management and other logistics tracking and commodity labeling and other fields.

Specifications Product details
Product Model
Performance index
Working mode
protection rating
Applicable environment
The best effect is to install it on the metal surface.
Tag reading distance
Reading distance

Metal surface :5M

Non-metallic surface :3M

Mechanical and electrical performance
Working temperature
-35oC to 85oC
Installation method
Screw or Rivet, adhesives
Packing specification

630 in a single box

Boxed size 360 * 260 * 100 mm;

Weight 5kg

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