Name:VI-IR610 UHF RFID Industrial reader

  • VI-IR610   UHF RFID Industrial reader
  • VI-IR610   UHF RFID Industrial reader
  • VI-IR610   UHF RFID Industrial reader
Product features

01、Fully support the tags of EPC global Class 1 Gen / 2 ISO 18000-6C standard;

02、Frequency range 860-868MHZ, 902-928MHZ (can be customized);

03、Support RS232, RS485; optional access gateway adapter: achieve industrial Ethernet, ProfiNet

04、RF output power can be adjusted; the distance can be set among 30cm-200cm;

05、Support active mode, command mode, triggers mode, etc.

06、Read card beep and LED status indication; support for online upgrade of firmware via communication interface

07、The shape is industrial design, very rugged and durable. It suit for Harsh industrial production line environment(includes Electromagnetic interference, dust, waterproof, anti demolition, maximum resistance -25 degrees -70 degrees environment, vibration, noise ),Waterproof IP67.

08、Seismic standard Vibration EN 60 068-2-6;  Lightning protection standard: Shock EN 60 068-2-27; Magnetic compatibility (EMC:EN 61000-6-3(2007)+A1(2011)/EN61000-6-2(2005)

09、RF uses self-development chip, coupled with a high performance label recognition algorithm

10、standard interface RS232, RS485; optional access gateway adapter: Industrial Ethernet, ProfiNet

11、Software intelligent monitoring of the working state, 24 hours X running for 365 days does not crash.

12、Products through the authority of the domestic and international testing institutions certification FCC, CE, no certification, etc.

13、The bottom cover is designed and installed to facilitate the installation of the industrial production line.

14、It’s ideal equipment selection for industrial production line.

Specifications Product details



Performance Index

Frequency range

865Mhz – 868Mhz; 902-928MHz(or customized)

Supported working zone

US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC

Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208 with & without LBT regulations

Mainland China, Japan ,Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan

FM mode

FHSS or fixed frequency, set by the software

RF output

20-30dBm adjustable; 50Ω load


Built in double feed point ceramic antenna

standard interface

RS232, RS485

Communication rate

Rate 9600~115200bps

Reliable firmware upgrade

Scalable upgrade mechanism

General input / output(GPIO)

Photoelectric isolation 1 input, 1 output

Application software interface

Provide API development kit and application routines

Electrical performance

Status display mode

LED indicator light, buzzer

Tag operating performance

Read distance

The distance can be set among 30cm-200cm (related to label performance)

Air interface protocol

EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C/ ISO18000-6B

Maximum receiving sensitivity

-80 dBm; Maximum return loss: 10 Dbm

Mechanical and electrical properties




Operating voltage adaptation 9-24V

Packing weight



5% to 95%, non-condensing

Protection grade


working temperature

-20oC to +60oC

Storage temperature

-20 oC to 85°C

Connector type

Circular waterproof M10 needle socket

Compliance certification


Mounting bracket

Galvanized iron bracket, read angle adjustable

Resource download

Industrial RFID Identification System Manual



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