Name:VF-721 2.45G Omni active RFID fixed reader

The shell is made of high strength die-cast aluminum, rugged, can work long-term in harsh environment.

Idea of low-power, low-voltage design  ensure the product safe and stable operation long term without failure;

Intelligent monitoring software for running status, 24 hours running X365 without crash

VF-721 2.4GHz active RFID reader is a high performance RFID reader, with long distance reading , high recognition accuracy and strong anti-collision.

The active RFID reader is mainly used in vehicle management, intelligent transportation, electric vehicle anti-theft system, safe campus, safe home and school, asset management, warehousing and logistics management.

  • VF-721   2.45G Omni active RFID fixed reader
Product features

1. Reading distance up to 100 meters

2. Recognition accuracy rate: 99.9%;

3. Anti-collision ability: read the card more than 200 in 3 seconds

4. Read tags type: VANCH active electronic tags;

5. Read labels saved to the buffer;

6. Reading distance up to 100 meters, the special tag up kilometers;

7. Recognition accuracy rate: 99.9%;

8. Anti-collision ability: read tag more than 200 in 3 second

9. Read tags type: VANCH active electronic tags;

10. Read tag ID can be saved to the buffer;

11. After reading tag, able to notify the user via LED, buzzer, status signal relay outputs

12. After reading tag, can be transferred to the host computer via RS232 and LAN port;

13. Communication mode has active and passive transfer transmission;

14. RS232, RS485 communication rate can be set;

15. Set the output gain of the reader through software to adjust reading distance;

16. With same tag, reading interval can be set;

17. Tag initiative upload speed can be set;

18. External trigger to read the tag information;

Specifications Product details


order code


Mechanical Performance Indicators

working frequency


working mode

Active and passive binding


The shell is made of high strength die-cast aluminum, rugged, good to work long term and radiating

communication Interface

RS232, LAN port

communication method

Active mode (after reading tag, automatically send data to host)

identification distance

100 meters

recognition accuracy


Software Interface

Provide demonstration software, API functions, etc.

Output format

can customize a variety of data output format according to user requirements

Diverse read ways

Readable and writable, read directly and controlled reading

RF output interface

1 SMA female  antenna interfaces; 2 SMA female antenna interface; 4 SMA female antenna interface

Working Voltage


Working current

Less 200mA

Operating temperature

-25℃ +75℃

Storage Temperature (℃)

-40℃ +85℃

Working humidity

Less 95

Packaged Size

235(length)*211 (width)*40(height)mm





Antenna Performance Indicators



Antenna type

Rod or plate type

Horizontal beam width


Vertical Beam width


Front to back ratio




Polarization direction

Circular polarization

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