Name:V-BOOK 99 Self-station for book lend and return

- VANCH smart RFID self-service book borrow and return machin have HF type(V-HFBOOK99)and UHF type(V-UHFBOOK99);

- Support borrow book, return book, inquiry and renewal functions;

- Support multiple types of reader card, such as Barcode, QR code, ID card, IC card and etc.;

- Strict security tag read/write design, more stable and reliable system;

- Prevent misreading and loss reading, improve the reliability and security for borrow and return;

- Apply to all series of library.

  • V-BOOK 99 Self-station for book lend and return
Product features

Function Detail Pictures

1.Set the password

Security is more confidential, no longer need to worry about their own card theft

2.Multi-function Scan System

Support many types of reader card:Identity card、IC card、ID card and etc.,combination to fix with you!Design a clear and sample scanning area.

3.Print Receipt Function

Print the name of reader、the type of transaction、the number of transaction、the time of transaction and etc.

4.Label Read and Write Design

The system use a strict security label reading and writing design, so that the system more stable and reliable, in the process of borrowing and returning to prevent misread, loss read and etc.


1. School library、reading room

2. Government department reading room、exhibition hall

3. High-grade entertainment and leisure reading area

Usage method


Swipe the card on the machine, complete the authentication, and then place books on the scanning area to confirm.


Just place books on the scanning area to confirm.

Euipped with receipt print, set reader's login password function and etc.

Specifications Product details

Technical Parameter

LCD Screen

19 inch touch screen

Working Temperature


Working humidity


Working frequency



ISO/IEC 18000-6C(UHF)
ISO 15693(HF)

Support software

Library self-service borrow and return system

Communication interface

10M/100M adaptive network port



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