OEM Production Services

Our OEM products are made by experienced engineers based on the configuration of customer-specific applications. Our team will be fully and meticulously communicate with customers and work together to solve the problem, A large number of successful cases in the past t is currently the fastest and most efficient to verify the cooperation model. VANCH is proud to be able to turn customers’ ideas into high-quality products .

In addition, VANCH is committed to help customers complete the OEM project design, and continue to help customer improve products, and have an objective and comprehensive view of the existing design, provide comprehensive and practical improvement proposals , and strictly control the cost of products to reduce customer production costs, fully demonstrate customers value. We have been successfully completing the projects include:

(1) According to customer requirements for product size to design

(2) According to requirements of the customer interface to design

(3) Do the application design of mechanical process

(4) According to customer requirements to make RFID label with logo

(5) Provide full productivity support

(6) Provide complete aftersales and maintenance services

OEM Development Services

VANCH has been specializing in the design , development , production and marketing of RFID devices , and VANCH has also met the needs of customers and tried to provide a full range of customized development services for all customers to enhance the value of customers in the application of the competitiveness of the field . Our excellent team of R & D engineers offers a wide range of custom development services to our customers according to the highest design and development standards

Through the provision of all-round custom development and production services , VANCH proposes a complete design solution . All the programs are built at the lowest cost and can be fully achieved so that the customer’s value can be fully demonstrated, if customized service needs, please contact us.