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UHF RFID Intelligent Library Management System

1. UHF RFID Intelligent Library Management System

More and more library realize that the change bring by RFID, a number of public and university library in home and abroad have start to design RFID system, from 2006 to now on when the first RFID library was built, there are more and more that was appeared.

Apply to UHF RFID technology can completed the collection and update of library tag information. Integrating with library business system, can achieve the automation of book borrowing, to improve the speed of books borrowed, to reduce the strength of the work of the staff.

System including; library tag, CD shelf tag, label conversion equipment, smart bookshelves, automatic borrower, administrator workstation, RFID anti-theft channel and so on..

Main advantage

Count books on shelves automatically.

Monitor the location of books in real time.

Automatically search and show the books in wrong shelf.

Inquiring the information like borrow, renew, return, and loss of library card and so on.

2. RFID document intelligent management system

Adhere to the scientific concept of innovation of science and technology archives storage, break the traditional management mode, actively using RFID wireless RF technology in archives management, enhance the archives management of digital and information technology innovation, professional service makes file management get high standards and high quality and efficient.

File RFID intelligent integrated management system is divided into two parts: information management system and hardware inventory equipment.

The main part of information management system is Archive management, file borrowing management, statistics report, automatic check, hand machine inventory, system setup management, etc.

Key hardware components of file RFID intelligent management system

The main parts is including RFID reader, multi-antenna distributor, antenna and RFID handheld reader which is convenient to check, RFID files tag, storage label and so on.

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