• What products do you manufacture?


    A: we can be able to manufacture all kinds of UHF RFID reader, antenna and tag (comply with the protocol of EPC C1G2  and ISO-18000/6C).  we can help you customize all kinds of reader, antenna and tag.

  • What are your advantages?


        A: we have many advantages.

        Firstly, we have been focusing on R&D, productions, sales and implementation of UHF RFID reader, UHF RFID antenna and UHF RFID Tag for more than 10 years.

        Secondly, we are good at designing all kinds of RFID solution for different industries or applications.

        Thirdly, our products has been sold to all over the world, they are serving for government, big retailer, school, big manufacturing company and logistic company as well as vehicle management/transportation etc.

        Fourth, we have own professional staffs in RFID, no matter what production, research or engineer or sales.

  • What industries are UHF RFID applied widely now?


    A: UHF RFID is developing very quickly, RFID is main tech. of IOT, as we know big data time is coming to us, UHF RFID use this chance to develop quickly.

        Now UHF RFID is widely applied in vehicle tracking, file/document/library book tracking, high value asset tracking, tire tracking, people safety management and retail, supply chain/logistic etc.

  • If I want to buy your products, what should we do first?


    A: as RFID product is complex system (need further development), so you need to tell us your project requirement, for example,

                          what is the tracked item?

                          What is the reading distance required?        

                          What type of reader do you want to use on your project?

                          Fixed reader or handheld reader?

    After we are clear your requirements, we will send you datasheet and quotation for your reference.

    After confirming well, we will send you PI for paying fund to us and then we will send you goods ASAP once we got your payment already.

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