Dare to be the first to innovate and strive for excellence! ——Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd participated in the Intelligent Technology Bay Summit Forum——

On October 22, the Intelligent Technology Bay Summit Forum hosted by the Shenzhen Research Institute of Peking University was held in Shenzhen Hong Kong Industry University Research Base.This event is an important exchange platform led by academicians of the CAE Member, former vice ministers of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, well-known professors of Peking University and other academic leaders, aiming to promote the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta region of China.

The Intelligent Technology Bay Summit Forum was successfully held

Mr. Cheng Hongzhi, Chairman of Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent, took a group photo with the participants

This time, many college tutors, senior executives of listed companies, founders of science and innovation enterprises, etc. participated in the activity. It mainly takes the form of case discussion, private board meeting, theme salon, visit and research to promote learning, in-depth thinking and mutual discussion.

The sponsor delivered a speech on the stage

Chairman Cheng communicated with participants

At the meeting, VANCH Intelligent also showed us the gateway product VG-M106 and RFID industrial reader VI-IR610P independently developed by VANCH company. Their powerful product performance has won unanimous recognition from the participants.

VANCH Intelligent display RFID Industrial Product

Industrial gateway VG-M106

VG-M106 can be configured with automatic reading mode. It can have multiple cascaded devices. It can directly connect with PLC numerical control system and upper computer to realize industrial networking, with strong performance.

UHF RFID industrial reader VI-IR610P

VI-IR610P adopt industrial, sturdy and durable design, meeting the harsh industrial production line environment; The RFID module adopts the PR9200 UHF RFID chip from South Korea; RFID industrial reader is suitable for production line, food processing automatic production line, automatic sorting system, parts assembly line, engineering forklift or mine engineering vehicle management and other industrial fields.

Intelligent manufacturing is a long-term system project. Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is willing to work with you to contribute to this cause!

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