Ellass Uses RFID to Manage Clothing In And Out of The Warehouse

Establish an RFID automatic identification system for clothing products: Equip clothing and other products with RFID electronic tags, and combine data collection methods such as fixed readers and handheld computers to automatically identify and collect data on inbound and outbound commodities, and realize automatic and rapid inventory of clothing commodities. Quantity, monitor inventory assets, logistics and transportation of clothing products, and anti-counterfeiting traceability of clothing products.

When the goods enter the warehouse through the warehouse entrance, the RFID information of each commodity is automatically collected by the reader at the entry port. After preprocessing by the warehousing access to the client, if the pre-order is placed in the warehouse, it will be the same as the pre-received warehousing order information. For comparison, after all the goods of the order are put into the warehouse, if there is any error or omission of RFID label information, manual intervention will be carried out. If the number or type of the goods is confirmed to be wrong, an alarm will be sent to the business information platform automatically; if other goods are put into the warehouse, the The collected information is packaged and compressed and sent to the business platform system for recordation, the background database is automatically updated, and product inventory records corresponding to warehouses and locations are added. The warehouse management information system can also automatically prompt the corresponding cargo location that the currently inbound goods are required to be stored in according to the pre-set cargo location of different types of goods.

When the business platform system generates a bill of lading and sends it to the warehouse outbound client, if there is a small amount of multiple types of goods, the picker can download the bill of lading with a handheld device, manually scan and sort the goods according to the bill of lading, and the handheld device automatically prompts when a sorting error occurs Alarm and correct it in time; if it is a single type of bulk cargo, the delivery staff will go to the designated location, and push the goods to the delivery port with a cart according to the bill of lading. The single comparison judges whether it is accurate, and if the verification is correct, it will be shipped. Otherwise, an alarm will be issued, prompting manual intervention. The results of normal delivery or manual intervention are reported to the business information platform by the export client for the record, and the background database is automatically updated to deduct the product inventory records of the corresponding warehouse and storage location.

System composition

It consists of RFID tags, readers, RFID antennas, handheld terminal equipment, etc.

System advantages

1. Realize material positioning and quantitative management

2. Rely on the information system to control the entry and exit of goods to avoid human error

3. Strictly implement the actual flow of goods according to the business documents, and the goods information is truly bound and connected with the business information

4. Real-time control of inventory data, reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory, and improvement of work efficiency and work quality

5. The traceability of the product production process is realized through the automatic collection of material batch information

6. The RFID system will promote the transformation of the company's management model, from the traditional management based on manual experience to the management based on high-tech accurate digital analysis, and from post-management to in-process and real-time management, which accelerates capital turnover and improves the supply chain. The speed of response will surely enhance the overall competitiveness of the company.

7. More importantly, each RFID chip has a unique ID number in the world, which cannot be imitated and counterfeited, thus fundamentally eliminating the possibility of counterfeit products. After purchasing, customers can enter the barcode ID number on the website to check whether the product is genuine. Market anti-counterfeiting, protection of corporate brands provides the most effective technical means.

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