RFID Management of Fire Equipment

The importance of fire safety can be imagined. Early fire safety awareness is very important. Fire equipment is the primary safety guarantee. It is very important to ensure the maintenance and management of fire equipment. At present, the management of fire-fighting equipment is still mainly based on manual inspection and manual recording. The inspection records are archived in paper format, which can easily cause incomplete data records and cause safety hazards. Adopt advanced Internet of Things identification technology RFID, bind RFID electronic tag identity information to fire-fighting equipment and facilities, strengthen the supervision of inspection process, and improve the management level of fire-fighting equipment. RFID technology makes the management of fire-fighting equipment more efficient and simple.

System composition

The system includes: RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID antennas, RFID handsets, etc.

System advantages

1. Improve the timeliness and accuracy of system ERP data;

2. Manage the life cycle of materials and track the use status of equipment;

3. Automatic data collection in the process of entering and leaving the warehouse to improve work efficiency;

4. Real-time monitoring of managed assets;

5. Reduce manpower and material resources, greatly improve work efficiency.

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