Dongguan Longchang Toys RFID Warehouse Inbound and Outbound Management

Warehouse management systems usually use barcode labels or manual warehouse management documents. These management methods have obvious disadvantages:

1. Barcode management: easy to copy, not stain-proof, not moisture-proof, and can only be read at close range

2. Manual entry: cumbersome work, large amount of data, easy to make mistakes and omissions, increase labor costs in warehousing

3. The workload of manual inventory is large, which leads to a long inventory cycle, and the missing or stolen goods cannot be found in time

The introduction of RFID radio frequency technology will make enterprise warehouse management more transparent and more efficient. Encapsulate the electronic label in a bar code label, stick it on the package or pallet of each goods, and write the specific information and storage location of the goods in the label. At the same time, the detailed information of the delivery party can be written when the goods enter and exit the warehouse, and fixed or hand-held readers are installed in the warehouse and various distribution channels to identify and monitor the flow of goods.

System composition

It is composed of RFID electronic tags, RFID printer (optional), RFID fixed reader, RFID handheld reader, VANCH RFID warehouse logistics management system, etc.

System advantages

1. Labor can be reduced by 20-30%;

2. 99% of warehouse products are visualized, reducing the risk of missing goods;

3. Improved supply chain management will reduce work service time by 20-25%;

4. Improve the accuracy and reliability of storage information;

5. Efficient and accurate data collection to provide operational efficiency;

6. Automatic collection of incoming and outgoing data to reduce human error;

7. Reduce enterprise warehousing and logistics costs.

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