Vanch employee performance honor commendation and birthday party celebration!

On the afternoon of May 14, Vanch company held a performance honor commendation and a birthday celebration for employees in order to motivate employees to work, strengthen the company's team cohesion, and enhance the sense of personal honor.

Employee performance recognition

In view of the hard work of the employees, the company commends individuals and teams with outstanding performance. Let us see who have been honored.

(Sales department)

(R&D department)

The employees who have been commended this time are hereby happy to report and encourage all employees to take as an example and devote more enthusiasm to their work, so that their performance can be improved to the next level!

Employee birthday party

Birthday is a footprint on the road to growth and a new turning point in the texture of growth. "Happy birthday to you..." sang  this song countless times, and each time brings a different experience!

Birthday is a special day for everyone. Different periods have different interpretations of its meaning.  

The birthday party kicked off, everyone gathered together to celebrate together, exquisite gifts,  joy are always accompanied, surprises and touches are always there.

Under the focused lens, the figures of the birthday stars are left. The lens is filled with happy smiling faces of employees. Life needs a sense of ritual, and work needs a sense of belonging

Let's get together and share a happy hour! I hope that every wish can come true, and that every dream can blossom!

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