The RFID industry's first "Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System" has been issued!

On April 8, 2019, Vanch intelligence passed the intellectual property management certification examination and was awarded the "intellectual property management system certification certificate" by Huazhi certification co., ltd. It has become the first enterprise in China's RFID industry that has won the national "certification of the implementation of intellectual property standards system" and has developed, designed, produced and sold RFID radio frequency identification products and solutions. It symbolizes Vanch Intelligence has entered China's leading level in the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property rights, and also symbolizes that the company's comprehensive competitiveness in the industry has been further improved.

Scope of authentication: intellectual property management activities involved in the research and development, design, production and sales of RFID multi-band radio frequency identification equipment, public security prevention system, mobile data acquisition terminals and other products

The certification of intellectual property management system is China's current higher-level qualification of intellectual property management system, and it is also an enterprise honor with very high gold content. Formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and approved and promulgated by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection of China and the State Standardization Administration of China, it is an important reference condition for the establishment of science and technology projects, the identification of high-tech enterprises, the identification of intellectual property demonstration enterprises and the identification of advantageous enterprises.

In the future, Vanch Intelligence will continue to implement the requirements of the intellectual property management system in all aspects of product research and development, production and sales, so as to promote the core competitiveness of enterprises with intellectual property rights. Expand the number of core patents, promote the intellectual property rights of scientific research achievements, realize the value of intellectual property rights, provide strong support for the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the company, and make due contributions to the RFID technology field.

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