Name:VF-447F UHF RFID Fixed Reader

The high-performance RF discrete components design framework.

Combined with efficient signal processing algorithms, a high recognition rate and quickly reading speed can be guaranteed

Application: vehicle access control, Customs intelligence clearance, logistics monitoring, production automation management and other fields.

  • VF-447F UHF RFID Fixed Reader
Product features

1. The high-performance RF discrete components and 32-bit ARM processor design framework to achieve the fast computation and the high-speed reading.

2. Full support electronic tags which meet the EPC global UHF Class1 Gen2 / ISO18000-6C standard.

3. Frequency: 860-868MHZ/902-928MHZ (can be adjusted according to different country and region)

4. Support these communicate modes like RS232、RS485 and TCP/IP etc

5. Support 1, 2 and 4 external SMA antennas connectors

6. Output power reach 30dBm (adjustable), support active mode, command mode and trigger mode etc.

7. Buzzer and LED status indication; support firmware upgraded online by communication connection.

8. Reader supply multi I/O connectors, convenient for application integration.

9. Highly reliable design for the industrial structure to meet harsh working environment.

Specifications Product details




Performance Index

Frequency range

860-868MHZ902-928MHZcan be Customized

Frequency modulation

FHSS or fixed-frequency, can be set by software

RF output

30dBm50 ohm load

The number of antennas

1 SMA antenna connector; 2 SMA antenna connector; 4 SMA antenna connectors for selections

Communication interface

10M/100MAdaptive EthernetRS232RS485Wiegand26/34 interface

Communication rate

Serial rate 9600115200bpsRJ45 is 10Mbps

Secured firmware upgrade

The upgrade mechanism can be extended

(GPIO) Input / Output

2 inputs, 1 output

Application software

Supply API SDK and VC and VB, Java application routines

Tag operation performance

Reading distance

8dbi antenna typical reading distance 3~10 metersdepends on tag

Writing distance

0-5 meters


EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C

Mechanical and electrical performance


180 (L) * 168 (W) * 41 (H) mm


With 220V AC input, the output of +12 V/3A DC power converter




5% to 95%, Non-condensing

IP rating


Working temp.

-20 oC to +60 oC

Storage temp.

-40°C to 80°C

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