Name:UHF headlamp Tamper Proof tag without residual LA-10047

  • UHF headlamp Tamper Proof tag without residual LA-10047
  • UHF headlamp Tamper Proof tag without residual LA-10047
Product features


Part-Name:    UHF headlamp Tamper Proof

tag without residual

Part-Number: LA-10047


Antenna Size:              95X8mm(±0.2mm)                      

Tag Size:                   100X47mm(±0.5mm)                    

Product Skip Distance:       52.0±0.4mm                              

Product Margin:             10.0±1.0mm                                

Width of the Tape:           120±1.0mm                              

Substrate Material:        Polyester Film(PET )            

Antenna Material:       Aluminum Etching                  

Surface Material:Waterproof PET                    

Characteristics:               Transparent, single or double side of color  


Operating Frequency:       860MHZ~960MHZ                              

Protocol:                    ISO 18000-6C                                  

Chip IC:Impinj Monza 4QT                                  


Chip Memory Capacity: EPC_Public: 96bit



Operating Mode:             Inventory Read or Write                                

Read and write range:         ≥8M(Fixed Reader device)      

Programming Cycle:100,000 cycles                              

Personalized Coding: Supporting multiple data structure of inside and outside combinatorial encoding(can be synchronous and offline sequence encoding);Supporting

personalized key code

Product Attribute:

Disposable,Prevent transfer copy(such as Heat

Transfer, Chemical transfer, Knife transfer, Anti-UV,

No residual of removal, Resistance of car water washing outside

Performance Consistence : Same RSSI or sensitivity

Tolerance  +/-1dBm

Data EEPROM Retention:           10 years                          

ESD Voltage Immunity:             ± 2KV                          

Operating Temperature:            -25℃~75℃            

Storage Temperature: 0℃~25℃              

Relative Humidity:     10% ~ 95%(As Less Reading As More Humidity)  

Core Diameter: 76.2mm(3inch)                

Volume Number: 1000~3000PCS          

(According to actual demand)            

The Roll Direction: the Surface or Printing Facing out or up(According to actual demand)

Packing Material:           Anti-static PE + Foam stuff + Anti-static Bag

Widely used in Vehicle electronic ticket in high way toll station, Certification card of environmental protection, automatic parking lot, Vehicle traffic lane control, Vehicle traffic guide, speeding violation management, simple vehicle identification, Vehicle annual inspection traceability management, logistics supply chain digital warehouse management and other high-end products traceability and security, tag size could be customized.

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