Name:VPR-0207 RFID Printer

Based on proprietary intellectual property development, printer adapt to global band set to work.

Metal structure and industrial level print performance, can be competent for all customer requirements.

Metal structure and industrial level print performance, can be competent for all customer requirements.

Flexible, easy to use, accurate, and save money.

  • VPR-0207 RFID Printer
Product features

Product specialty

1. Support GEN2 CLASS 1 / ISO 1800-6 C agreement ;

2. Support power adjustment and high-speed synchronous read and write;

3. Support inferior label (chip) test, bad standard play flower function

4. Support the short-spacing RFID Label (label high 6.4mm or more);

5. Support first label accurate location, can do labels don't loss function, good adaptability to the specifications of the tag and antenna;

6. Original ARCP carbon with tension automatic balance structure, can effectively solve the membrane type, PVC type, PET type of light slide material and specifications in high-speed printing, the label of intermittent print, irregular content situations with sliding, carbon brush color, knit belt, the phenomenon such as a content misplace;

7. Support multiple data area to GEN2 synchronization operation

8. Industrial structure high reliability design, meet the strict working environment requirements;

Label characteristics

1.The tag installation location convenient operation, less space to take up the work of the desktop

2.Built-in RFID reader module, print labels and write data to the chip synchronization support in most countries UHF band in support of mainstream RFID chip data protocol, and has a good adaptability to a variety of labels and antenna

3.Integrated world-class outstanding label software Bartenders;

4.label design quick and easy publishing software has a powerful database interface, fast and efficient bonding with the client system data, accurate and complete synchronization print and radio frequency data is written;;

5.Equipped with powerful A1 version label software;




Performance index

Print Mode

Direct thermal/thermal transfer


300 dpi, 12 dots/mm

Max. Print Speed

8 inches/sec, 254 mm/sec

Print Width

4.1 inches, 104 mm

Tag Width

4.6 inches, 118 mm

Tag High

0.25~32 inches, 6.4~812 mm

Paper Roll Outer Diameter

8 inches, 200 mmlength 100150 M

Paper Roll Inner Diameter

1~3 inches, 25.4~76.2 mm

Ribbon Roller Outer Diameter

3.4 inches, 86.5 mmlength 300450 M

Ribbon inner Diameter

1 inches, 25.4 mm

Ribbon Type

Roll inside or Outside,

Ribbon Type


Paper locating

Double sensors, lead fixed sensors, rear moveable sensor

Tension balance

ARCP Tension balance structure

communication port



Standard UHF Module or HF Module, Support the mainstream RFID chips data protocol

Memory capacity

Ram Memory 16 Mb(1mb For User), Flash (nv) Memory 4 Mb(1mb For User) Total 20mb

Standard model

VANCH VPR0207 UHF single user

Customization model

Customize according to user application needs

Machine Size

10*19*10 inches, 255*480*253 mm


13.8 Kg 32 LBS

Operating temperature


Resource download

product manual

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