Name:VI-IR610 UHF RFID Industrial reader

The shell is made of high-strength aluminum, durable; PCB board using high-density laminate 6 (Immersion Gold) design, in favor of long-term work in harsh environments.

Use IndyR2000 Impinj chips, coupled with high-performance multi-tag identification algorithms, performance comparable to European and American imports.

Use ATMEL AT91SAM9260 CPU, ARM926EJ-S core processor, clocked at 200MHZ.

16MB SDRAM, FLASH memory, 128M * 8bits Nand Flash (K9F1G08U0B) according to customer requirements for high-capacity replacement

The operating system support Linux2.6.30

With standard interface RS232, RS485, TCP / IP; optional interface functions: Wigan 34,26, CAN bus, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS (3G / 4G)

Compatible ISO18000-6C and ISO18000-6B agreement, can quickly switch between dual-protocol, simultaneous dual-protocol label reading.

Low-power, low-voltage design ideas, combined with the remote diagnostics software through the network, to ensure product safety and stability of long-term trouble-free operation.

  • VI-IR610 UHF RFID Industrial reader
  • VI-IR610 UHF RFID Industrial reader
  • VI-IR610 UHF RFID Industrial reader
Product features

1. Full support for compliance with EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C / ISO18000-6B standard electronic tag;

2. Operating frequency 860-868MHZ, 902-928MHZ (according to different countries or regions for adjustment);

3. Support a variety of ways RS232, RS485 and TCP / IP networks and wireless communications;

4. Support 1,2,4 external SMA female antenna connector;

5. The output power of 30dbm adjustable, inventory tags peak velocity> 700 / sec;

6. supports active mode, command mode, trigger mode and other modes;

7. The reader beeps and LED status indication; support firmware upgrade online via the communication interface;

8. Reader provides 4 opto-isolated inputs 4 optically isolated output I / O interfaces for application integration products;

Specifications Product details


Product Name

UHF RFID Industrial Reader

Model Number


UHF RFID Parameter

RF chip

PR9200 dedicated RF chip

Frequency Range

860-868MHZ,902-928MHZ,can be customized

Frequency modulation

FHSS or fixed-frequency,  can be set by software

Embedded Antenna

3dbi circular polarization


EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C

RF output


Output power adjustment

1dBm step (set by VANCH software)

Reading distance

The distance can be controlled at 30cm-200cm (depending on the tag performance and antenna gain)

Electrical Parameter

CPU chip


Communication interface

RS232, RS485; Other versions can choose TCP/IP or wireless communication

Protocol type

modbus RTUoptional);

Communication rate



Photoelectric isolation 1 input, 1 output;

Firmware update

Upgraded mechanism

Application software

Provide with API SDK

Working status

LEDbuzzer indicator

Input voltage



22WRF output power26dBm

Environment parameters


5% to 95%,Non-condensing

IP rating


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Physical Parameter



Connector form

Round waterproof M10 pin socket

Weight after packaging


Mounting bracket

Galvanized iron bracket with adjustable reading angle

Product image

Top view                Side view Power supply Communication cable

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