Name:VC-A520 RFID Tunnel Machine

Based on independent intellectual property development, adapt reader to work with global frequency range.

Application: textile, garment, clothes, luggage inventory or detection.

  • VC-A520 RFID Tunnel Machine
Product features

Efficient identification:

High efficiency Detection and identification, single-box products passing only takes about 5 seconds, professional motion control and mechanical design technology, and fully address the problem of missing label reading

Exquisite product technology:

Industrial computer software can control the whole function, monitoring all equipment running status, externally with mechanical buttons at the same time. It is convenient for operation personnel at any time to control equipment working condition

High-end appearance design:

Humanized design, access to both sides of the access door, to facilitate equipment maintenance

Multi-functional application development:

Can change the import or domestic RFID reader, to meet the needs of different users, to support the secondary development of application software

First creative special equipment:

Multi-box tray scan tunnel is the industry's first device, which can be able to read 500 pcs/one time

Specifications Product details



Performance Index

Frequency range

902-928MHZ/865-868MHZ(or customized)

FM mode

FHSS or fixed frequency, set by the software

RF power output

16-33 dBm adjustable

Transmission speed


Transmission bearing


Reading tag number

300 PCS RFID tag/carton

Antenna port

4 TNC male connector

Working mode

Continue/trigger/ Interval Loop

Physical Environmental Indicators

Outer box size

1500(L)*1300(W)*1200(H) mm

Inner box machine size

1300(L)*1000(W)*950(H) mm

Conveyor dimensions


Operating temperature

-20 --+60 degree

Storage temperature

-10 --+60 degree

Working humidity

20-95% (Non-condensing)

Operating Voltage

220VAC (+_ 10%) 50+_3HZ

Power consumption

Normal 800W, MAX. 1KW(Device fully open + conveyor maximum power)

Shell material

Sheet metal (2mm galvanized sheet) Antioxidant Corrosion resistance

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