Hundreds and Hundred rounds of Emergency Knowledge Lectures

Most employees have suffer some common office diseases(eg: Backache, computer radiation injury, air conditioning, chronic bronchitis, insomnia, migraine, etc.),if we not attention and improve, it will excessive strain on our body, and lead to serious diseases.

lecturer explain the knowledge of body acupoints,each point in charge of different body organs, through the method of pressing acupoints to relieve physical fatigue, at the same time, lecturer correct we have done to alleviate improper methods, on the spot and invited some of my colleagues do on-site demonstration.

Through lectures , we learn a lot of office disease prevention knowledge, and coping with cardiovascular disease emergency rescue knowledge, this is a very big help for personal or family and relatives of health.

Finally suggest that everyone should pay attention to exercise, don't stay up late, less mobile phone, only a healthy body, you have the energy to make more money. I hope all the employees who work well will be healthy and live better!

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