Vanch RFID Jewlery inventory and tracking Reader was aware “2016 star of internet of things”RFID Innovation Product Award

In 1st. Mar. 2017, hosted by International Internet of Things Trade and Application Promotion, RFID industry authoritative media "RFID World Network" and "Internet of Things World" Joint contractor, in the activity of 2016(The tenth) star of internet of things “RFID The world's most influential selection activities”, which Joint co-operation by Guangdong Association of Internet of Things, Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association, Shandong Province Internet of Things Industry Alliance, Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance, Shanghai RFID Industry Research Union and other major affiliated institutions, Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was aware “2016 star of internet of things”RFID Innovation Product Award.

Product of awarded medal is VX-JI20 Jewelry inventory and tracking UHF RFID Reader

Product features:

Display equipment designed for jewelry Luxury management display and inventory , can plug in PDA computer, flexible display products, improve product purchase point, and customer preferences data statistical analysis.

Product design is novel, friendly interface, with disk point LED screen display and PDA computer display function;

Products can work offline, independent of the computer, and the normal count of the number of products.

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