Alibaba organized many companies to form group to battle for performance in March, come on VANCH

Every year in March, Alibaba will conduct a circle battle activities, purpose is Encourage each member of foreign traders learn  from others in the process of "circle battle " , through practice, get more customers in the communication and competition, experience and orders.Do you remember last year to win the first , every  trade member of foreign business department to work overtime, and rushed to a single order?Everyone is for the sake for the honor of the company and fight to the last minute?Remember to win in the circle battle at the first time, the salesman got prizes of excitement?

Save your strength for a year, this year's heavily again at the journey to "circle", this year's foreign trade team and a lot more new members, our strength increase again!

In the written pledge to fulfill a military order

Everyone the most cute ~ blood actively accept and look forward to your beautiful bask in single shot!~

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