Ten years of business transform, go hand in hand, against the Golden Rooster - Vanch intelligent 2017 annual report

     2016 passed, full of hope and challenge 2017 quietly coming. January 13, Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 2016 year-end summary and 2017 New Year's annual meeting held successfully in Dongguan Mission Hills Hotel. The annual meeting is different from previous years, places arranged in a five-star hotel, the equivalent of a short trip.

In the afternoon on the agenda, the represent of sales department, the Ministry of Operations, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Technology and other departments make a summary for 2016 harvest and the problems encountered, through all aspects of data statistics, Vanch intelligent is steadily forward in the past year, compared with the previous year's sales and no significant fluctuations.We believe that in 2017 will usher in new opportunities, overseas economy will resume rapid growth, drive our foreign trade business, the company’s amount of sales will step on a new step.

Vanch CEO Cheng fully affirmed the achievements of the past year at the meeting, and stressed that the company should be corporate culture in 2017 as the focus, learn from Huawei and Alibaba and other successful entrepreneurial enterprises, determined to trained every staff to become a good elite.

"Business sea ups and downs for ten years, ten years of struggle and effort have succeeded", from 2006 Vanch intelligent company was established, to 2016 the company has been a full decade of development. In the past ten years we smiled,struggled, and also harvested, in the face of 2017, we are full of longing, passion, let us strutting together to write a more brilliant future with confidence and courage.

We chase the dream, the dream is the source of business and personal development, 2017 Vanch intelligence ready to build the next "example of ten years." Following the 2017, Vanch intelligence will become the benchmark of the RFID industry and descendants, become a monument in the history of the development of Chinese enterprises, thus becoming the world's leading supplier of radio frequency (RFID) products and solutions.

After the meeting everyone free activities, eat and drink, enjoyable. Hotel facilities readily available, relax the spirit, keep balance between work and leisure, in order to better work next week, share some photos as below:


There are a variety of 3D three-dimensional painting with full artistic atmosphere.

The hotel comes with a golf course and fitness equipment.

Dinner buffet, all kinds of seafood,Western-style,Chinese,Japanese dessert,everything available, eat particularly meet.
Finally, all the staff in Vanch Intelligent wish everyone Happy New Year in advance! The career is flourishing! Good luck in Chicken Year!

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