March round battle, Vanch Fighting

As we know, “double 11 “and “double 12” is Taobao's online shopping carnival, but do you ever hear “March purchasing Festival”? well, it is also a festival relative to alibaba. Since March is a hot season for oversea purchasing, so that alibaba organize round battle, in other words, it is a battle among commercial line, and VANCH also take part in this activity. Since from ancient times, stronger will be a winner, and failure for loser, in this battle, it not only can train our team, but also can prove and remodel our team. What’s more, we can find more our reserve talents though the battle.

Making full preparation before “battle”, preheat the atmosphere. So in 25st. Feb. Vanch convened a mobilization meeting of battle round.


Since we are a time , we must have a good time name, so we make “Eagle team” as our team name, it is mean that hope we like eagle flying, our slogan is “eagle,I am the elite, we will win.


Before the expedition, grant orders and drink wine.

A paper army order, a mighty force to the battlefield

A cup of wine, the campaign is win or not come back.

A famous speed skater said that the most terrible thing for a person is no competitor. It is said that the greatest sorrow for a hero is not be defeated by others, but no competitor in the battle.therefore, we need both aim and competitor.

In the last, let bless Vanch’s warriors everything goes well and come back with win news. VANCH VANCH, both wisdom and courage, go.

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