Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co.,LTD debuts at IOT 2017 spring exhibition in Suzhou

In March 29th, 2017 China international exposition of things for a period of 3 days (IOTE) spring exhibition opened in Suzhou International Expo Center Hall B1, international exposition of things after nine years of development, is now the leader in the domestic comprehensive exhibition of things, because of its influence in the industry wide attention! During the same period, the 2017 (eleventh) RFID World Congress and the 2016 annual "star of things" brand awards ceremony were held.

The international exposition of things, as a complete industrial chain of things on the downstream of the annual event, invited to the perceptual layer (RFID, smart card, sensor, barcode, camera), on behalf of the brand and the application layer of the network transmission.

The exhibitors will focus on the display of networking technology in the whole industry, transportation, smart grid, intelligent Home Furnishing, logistics, security, personnel, vehicles, military, asset management, clothing, books, the wisdom of the city, environmental monitoring and other fields solutions and successful application.

As an invited enterprise, Vanch participated in the awarding ceremony, and demonstrated the award-winning products at the exhibition, which has won the attention of many new and old people in the industry. Vanch as a professional RFID manufacturer, has been in this field for 10 years, the product development of continuous innovation and improvement, to make it more suitable for application of various industries, and brings convenience to people's work and life.

Our product is the selection of award-winning VX-JI20 jewelry inventory machine, which is dedicated to the design and management of the luxury jewelry jewelry display inventory display equipment, PDA plug-in computer, with trays of LED screen display, flexible display products, improve product selling points, analysis and statistics of customer preferences.

The future Vanch will also introduce more RFID innovative products in line with the industry application, suitable for all kinds of different working environment, determined to help large and medium-sized enterprises to improve management and work efficiency.

Awarding event scene:

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