RFID tag Selection Guide

1、Classification of UHF chips

From the perspective of chip product form: common UHF chips have two major forms: die (Wafer) and packaged wafer. Wafer wafers are relatively low cost and can be directly used in flip-to-package, COB.COF; and packaged wafers have QFN, SOT, CSP, etc., which are secondary packaging based on wafer, which can be directly used as Chip parts to be soldered with PCB, FPC or ceramic antenna by SMT method, which is mainly used for special electronic tags.

From the perspective of product functions: ordinary ultra-high-frequency chips, high-security encrypted ultra-high-frequency chips, and ultra-high-frequency chips with sensors are three major categories. At present, the main UHF chip manufacturers include Impinj, NXP ), Alien, EM, Kailuwei, Huada Hengxin, Fudan Micro, Kunray, etc.

2、Common classification of RFID electronic tags 

3、UHF RFID anti-metal tag shape and comparison table

4、UHF RFID chip data comparison

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