6 aspects of choosing RFID readers in the project?

The more common ones in the market mainly include: RFID desktop reader, RFID fixed readers, RFID integrated readers, RFID mobile reader, RFID portable readers, RFID gate access readers, and RFID industrial readers. Recommendations for the selection of different RFID readers are as follows:

1.Business requirements and application scenarios

The choice of UHF RFID readers must first meet business needs and be suitable for application scenarios. It is necessary to consider the reading distance, reading and writing speed of the reader, and whether the application environment is suitable.

2. CPU and memory capacity

The memory capacity of the portable UHF RFID reader determines the data capacity, and its memory capacity corresponds to the processing speed of the CPU. If a low-performance CPU is used to blindly increase its memory capacity, it will increase the processing and waiting time for users.

3. Power consumption and battery life

The portable UHF reader is powered by a built-in battery. If there is a sudden loss of power during work, it will inevitably reduce the work efficiency of employees. Therefore, when choosing a portable UHF reader, it is necessary to consider the power consumption and endurance of the reader, whether it can meet the actual business needs.

4. Protection level

The higher the protection level, the more expensive the price. The high protection level can ensure the stable operation of the portable RFID reader in the harsh industry environment and ensure the work efficiency. It is particularly important to choose a reader that meets the requirements of the protection level.

5. The reputation and strength of the supplier

The good reputation is built on product quality and service. When choosing a supplier or manufacturer, you need to fully understand productivity, innovation, after-sales service and product quality.

6. Price

In addition to considering the hardware price of RFID readers, it is also necessary to consider the cost of development tools, the hidden costs in the application software development process, and the maintenance costs after the product is put into use.

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