RFID power material management solution [Vanch Intelligent]

Through the implementation of the power asset RFID management system provided by VANCH Intelligence, the refined management of the power assets of the scheme, the monitoring and management of in and out of the warehouse, the inventory management, the inspection and management of power assets, etc.; the system can monitor the in and out process in real time, which can effectively prevent the in and out of the warehouse. Errors occur; it can effectively track the acquisition of construction tools and safety tools and equipment, and avoid the phenomenon of borrowing confusion; improve the efficiency and management level of assets in the substation.

According to the actual needs of the application scenarios, different intelligent hardware combinations are selected, combined with corresponding software docking, to realize the automatic verification and recording of power equipment materials out of storage and warehousing information, real-time inventory inventory and life cycle status of storage equipment materials, etc., refined and intelligent Control.

Operation process of RFID management of power supplies

01、Equipment and materials storage

First, before the power equipment materials are put into the warehouse, paste or hang the electronic labels on the equipment materials, and enter the basic information such as the product name, model, specification, origin, brand name, and packaging of the equipment materials, and classify the equipment materials, enter and classify them After completion, place the equipment and materials in the corresponding position of the warehouse and make a record of the location.

02、Equipment and materials out of warehouse

Use RFID handheld terminal or channel reader to read RFID information of the equipment and materials that need to be out of the library, save the outgoing time, department and personnel and other related information in the data collector, and upload it to it through batch processing or wirelessly. In the system.

03、Verification of measurement tools

According to the relevant national regulations, the measurement tools shall be checked regularly by the designated professional inspection department. After verification, write verification information into the system.

04、Power tool scrap

When the tool reaches the designated service life or is damaged and cannot be used, it must be scrapped. After reading the RFID electronic label information of the device through the RFID handheld terminal, the device is scrapped after entering the scrap reason, the handler, the approver and other relevant information in the system. The scrapped equipment information will be kept in the scrapped tool file information for inquiry.

05、Equipment inventory

Enter the inventory status, use the RFID handset to collect the material tags on the shelf in turn, enter and upload them to the background, through the RFID electronic tags installed on the equipment materials, the quantity of each equipment material can be collected, and the background system then According to the collected quantity data, complete the inventory of warehouse equipment and materials and generate reports.

06、Backstage system management

Through the RFID electronic tags installed in the equipment and materials, the warehousing, lending, return, inventory, and transfer information of each tool can be collected, entered, and uploaded to the background. The back-end system then completes the management of the tool warehouse based on the collected data information. Managers make inquiries and statistics and generate reports as needed.

Solution advantage

1、More transparent management of power supplies, real-time power supplies;

2、Effectively prevent and reduce the loss and theft of power supplies ;

3、Avoid mistakes due to manual management, avoid inventory shortage or management negligence ;

4、Realize the daily management report of power materials through software docking, and the use data of power materials is clear at a glance.


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