Wonderful review of the 2021 Vanch Intelligent "Go Together, Create the Future" Annual Meeting!

Welcoming the new year, in order to enhance corporate cohesion, create a harmonious and dynamic corporate culture, and at the same time thank everyone for their hard work and contributions to the company over the past year, and to make the company's various work plans in 2021 smoothly carried out. On January 23rd, a wonderful annual meeting was held with the theme of "Go together, create the future"!

2020 year-end summary and commendation meeting

Before you know it, the new year is coming. All departments of the company made a summary of the work this year and made corrections to the shortcomings. At the same time, it also sorted out the thinking and clarified the direction for the 2021 target.

The marketing department made a summary and analysis of the completion of the sales target and customer application areas for this year, and determined the 2021 mission target. At the same time, it must insist on consolidating the old market, cultivating new markets, developing market customers, and tapping potential markets.

The R&D department clarified the direction of product research and development for market research, information collection, analysis, and sorting, as well as customer needs, and at the same time improved product information and made improvements to the technical support of after-sales service.

The operation department will improve the management of materials and suppliers and simplify the process system, and coordinate the work of each department more efficiently; the production department will improve the strict control of product quality and after-sales maintenance service procedures, with excellent products, reliable performance, and dedicated service To conquer and impress the hearts of customers.

Mr. Cheng insists on creating value for customers through innovation. For a long time, he has invested more than 10% of sales revenue in research and development, which has improved the competitive advantage of products in the market and better serves customers.

Vanch 's development and growth are inseparable from the hard work of each partner day and night. Rewarded the excellent partners of each department who achieved their goals. They are the epitome of the hard work of all Vanch people and inspire more Vanch people! In the future, I hope we will carry forward the past and create greater glories.

2021 "Go together, create the future " Annual Party

In order to prepare for the annual meeting activities, the annual meeting preparatory working group made full preparations, carefully preparing various food, themed signature walls, gifts and prizes, etc. The lighting, equipment, tables and chairs, etc. were all meticulous and thoughtful.

In 2021, when the New Year is approaching, representatives of various departments of the company will give everyone New Year greetings and write down New Year wishes at the same time. May all your wishes succeed!

The partner of the Ministry of Foreign Trade wrote their new year goals on the signature wall


Partners of the Ministry of Internal Trade wrote their New Year goals on the signature wall


Lucky draw, prizes and red envelopes are kept


Combined with the above, the lucky draw winners appear the most

(Good luck again and again)


In the unforgettable singing of tonight, the year will come to an end. This is a time to share happiness. Every performer has spent a lot of time on this. Repeated practice time and time again, there is only one common wish. To bring you a wonderful annual meeting.


Singing song

Group Photo

In the new year, a new starting point, a new hope, a new harvest, and a sympathy of heart, we will continue to work hard together, do what we want, and do what we want. I hope everyone will be happy and happy in the new year!

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