Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is the original hardware and software solution provider who most understand new retail operators and integrator in the application of RFID technology.

l We have been engaged in the research and development of RFID readers for 13 years.

l As early as 2015, we began to experiment with new retail operators, large supermarkets and integrator in China to solve RFID iterations in unmanned retail cabinets and unmanned shops. We have accumulated rich experience in products and solutions.

l We have transformed the cases practical experience into a batch standardized RFID unmanned retail reader, which can be quickly deployed, standardized, adaptive and cost-effective.

l Our RFID products and solutions have served dozens of platform operators, traditional retailers such as Alibaba (Tao Coffee), Tencent (We life), Suning Tesco Biu, RT-Mart, Tinghong, and Bingo Box. Business, system integrator.

Using new technologies such as RFID radio frequency identification and artificial intelligence image recognition to empower new retailers, to realize know person, know product, and know field and to open the "unbounded new retail" is the future trend. New technologies can greatly improve efficiency in the new business model and play a decisive role in breaking the supply and demand boundary and reconstructing retail costs!

Pain points of applying RFID technology :

l RFID technology selects environment and recognition rate error;

l RFID readers are costly;

l RFID reader with low reading and writing speed and low sensitivity;

l RFID reader has a single function;

l RFID reader is unstable;

l RFID reader system installation is difficult;

VANCH Intelligent unmanned retail RFID reader solution:

l Cooperate with domestic first-class freezer manufacturers, automatic doors and steel structural parts manufacturers to develop standardized unmanned retail freezer and unmanned store structural parts to ensure batch, standardization and cost, thus solving many environmental problems and shielding problem, the problem of recognition rate and poor user experience brought by these problems. VANCH Intelligent can share our successful experience with our customers.

l VANCH Intelligent owns the intellectual property rights of RFID readers and can reasonably control costs and profits according to market demand, maximize support for the development of RFID products in the unmanned retail industry and use the most cost-effective products to make unmanned retail products meet demand of customers and promote RFID development in the retail industry.

l For unmanned retail cabinets and unmanned retail stores, VANCH Intelligent need to apply a variety of technologies full of storefront technology requirements (image recognition and settlement, bio palm print recognition, voice recognition, voice broadcast, image monitoring, LCD dual-screen advertising, electricity) Lock control, lighting, air conditioning control, entry and exit judgment, etc.), VANCH Intelligent uses the main frequency 2.0GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8953 high-end 8-core Cortex-A53 processor. Developed a very cost-effective Android RFID reader and a motherboard to get all the interface requirements. Making complex unmanned retail needs so easy and simple.

l VANCH Intelligent develop one Smart-08 port Android Reader, using open source Android system for easy integration software development, unlimited hardware interface expansion, Qualcomm 8-core CUP industry's fastest computing RFID reader.

l VANCH Intelligent develop several kind RFID radio frequency reading and writing system with Impinj indy R2000 RF chip with super strong reading and writing speed, very high receiving sensitivity.They are the best choice for RFID readers.

l VANCH Intelligent unmanned retail RFID readers can meet the demand of indoor and outdoor with high and low temperature environment, 24 hours x 365 days of uninterrupted work.Product design uses industrial-grade devices, fault self-test, remote upgrade and maintenance and other intelligent functions.

l Helping customers succeed, meeting the growing needs of customers and making ten times better products in RFID industry is the ultimate survival of VANCH Intelligent.

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