Birthday party for employee——Warm heart party, warm you and me

Because of your coming, this day became a beautiful day, from then on,this world was added a attractive color. Vanch Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. wish you a happy birthday!


“Do you know what day it is today? "

"Today is Christmas!"

What is the important day?

emm......Can’t remember......

It is everyone's most special day

In the childhoodwe have parent’s accompany

When we go to school, we have the blessings of our classmates

However, when we work, we are very busy

May often overlook this very meaningful day

That is our birthday

And today is the day we spent our birthday party together with our staff in December.


Vanch is developing faster and faster,more and more members joining us.But we are a big family! Our love for every employee hasnever changedIn order to promote the culture of company and let the staff feel the warmth of the Vanch big family, give affirmation and gratitude to the staff for their hard work for a long time, and express company’s concern for the staff. The company holds a birthday party for the employees whose birthday in the quarter, and the longevity god of each department gathered together, enjoyable, full happiness.


Employee’s birthday party, catched the festival train

In the afternoon of December 25 (also Christmas), the company prepared the birthday cake for the longevity gods, as well as various snacks and fruits. Not only that, but also the rich gifts for the longevity gods, of course, the company did not forget other employees, intimatelyprepared a symbol of the meaning of peace, "peace fruit." Do not talk too much, show a few pictures let you feel

        Small Party, Great moving        


Not only a variety of snacks, there are big red envelopes were prepared for them~~~~

Everyone gave good wishes to longevity god

Hand-over the company's well-prepared birthday present

Longevity promised their birthday wish

Express their own birthday reflections

Everyone is listening to the merry Christmas song and merrily enjoy the food

Bursts of singing and laughter

Let the sweet smile at this moment bloom forever!

How to forget the good tradition that wipingbirthday cake to Longevity’ face~~~

Happy time is always short

Birthday will be approaching the end

Bring everyone's memories

As the winter sun ray of warmth and comfort


Happy birthday to longevity,

best wishes for everything your heart desire, 

happy working, happy life!

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